ROGATCHI, INNA / Still-life in yellow and green II / 2020


The work is part of Inna Rogatchi’s New Dutch School series of modern still-life works. Created in an expressive way, the idea of this series is to combine two tendencies: reference and re-visiting the annals of art, in this case, classic Dutch school of the old masters who laid the stone into the basic of art in the genre of their brilliant still-life works, and giving an artistic appreciation in its new, current outlook, of the subject of our daily life, with its routine – which can be seen not necessarily as a boring array of soul-less subjects, but as a gift of perception and fantasy instead. In the way of the work’s colouristic, and the artist’s attention to the casual subjects, the work also resonates with the revisiting of the tradition of van Gogh who, in his turn, is the subject of Inna Rogatchi’s big interdisciplinary project VINCENT.

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Künstlername: Inna rogatchiTitel: Still-Life in Yellow and Green IIDatierung: 2020Maße des Objektes: 30 x 40 x 1 cmTechnik: original drawing on authored original archival pigment print Material: Original drawing in watercolour, wax pastel, oil pastel, lapice pastel, Chinese red paste, on authored original archival pigment print on Museum Velin cotton paper.Signatur: Inna Rogatchi's artistic logo in the low right cornerZustand des Objektes: Excellent, new Kategorie:
Heaven´s Wisper / 2019 / € 1.200
Adam´s Glance / 2019 / € 1.500
Cloud Song / 2020 / € 2.500
Still-Live in Yellow and Green II / 2020 / € 850
Antithesis / 2021 / € 5.000
zum Lebenslauf von Inna Rogatchi

Das Werk ist im musealen Doppelpassepartout. Die Größe des Werks im Passepartout beträgt 47 x 57 cm.

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