• Adam's glance is the artwork from inna rogatchi's modern metaphorical art series the light of the first day. It explores artistically the biblical theme of Adam being removed from the eden. being in eden, the first man had the unlimited light as his environment. Being mandated to live the paradise, Adam was entering a colossal unknown, and a huge darkness, especially in comparison of what he had left behind himself. would Adam be able to preserve at least the part of the light that had been his natural environment before being expelled from the eden? would that light be able - and would it be enough? - to protect him? to guide him? to inspire him? sustain him and give him a new hope? Are our memories the source of new hope in the circumstances of the unknown? The work also examines the tissue of the light, both in the eden and in general, as the main substance ( for the artist) and main factor of sustainability for a human being. In the work, the light is portrayed as not homogenous substance and element, but as a complicated, nuanced entity of energy, as the source of beauty, intellect, and hope.

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